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The Cloth

The Holy Shroud is a herring-bone linen cloth 4.42 metres long and 1.13 metres wide. The two edges of the Cloth have a particular rare bordering.

In the upper part there is an 8 cm strip of the same cloth, artfully sewn onto the main part of the Shroud.

After the restoration of 2002, the Shroud is now free of patches and darns. It is supported and sewn onto a new strengthening frame and kept in an inert gas environment in an airtight cask housed in Turin Cathedral.

Il Telo

The cloth shows the double – front and back – impressed image of the naked corpse of a tall, well-proportioned adult male, with a beard and long hair.

The numerous injuries show us that this man was crucified with nails after being beaten, whipped, crowned with thorns and, after death, pierced in the side.

Just like Jesus.