The Shroud

“….He sufferd under Pontius Pilate….”

The Holy Shroud has been declared worthy of adoration because it recounts the Passion of Christ and authentically reproduces the traumas, injuries and wounds inflicted on his body, as told in the Gospels. “But who do you say I am?” (Luke, 9,20)

The Cloth

The Holy Shroud is a herring-bone linen cloth 4.42 metres long and 1.13 metres wide. The two edges of the Cloth have a particular rare bordering.

Documented history

The documented history of the Shroud begins around the mid-14th century when Geoffroy of Charny displayed it at his property in Lirey, 190 km south-east of Paris.

Examination and research

The Shroud has undergone numerous examinations and been the subject of much research. It is the most studied relic in the world and has involved over 25 different sciences.