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The pulpit is located between the chapels of the Nativity and the Annunciation.

It was made from a single centuries-old trunk of Indian walnut by Stefano Maria Clemente of Turin.

The sculpted panels illustrate the miracle of the eucharist of Turin: at the sides there is the theft of the monstrance with the Consacrated Host at Exilles (Susa Valley), in the centre the raised Host in the grain square before the populace, the mayor and the bishop who are all praying for the return of the Host to the chalice. 

The valuable pulpit was made for the church of Corpus Domini, built on the site of the miracle, but it would not go through the door so, as it could not be cut, it was donated to the church of San Lorenzo in 1752. It is clear that this masterpiece is not in tone with the rest of the church decor.

Note: 1453, the year of the Miracle of the Eucharist is the same year that the Holy Shroud came into the possession of Duke Ludovic of Savoy.