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Facing the high altar at the back of the church over the entrance, there is the large organ built by the Vegezzi Bozzi company in 1917. It is inside a gilt wood casing built in the 17th century by the Camaldolite monk, Amedeo Botto.

Note the angel musicians playing a violin, a trumpet and reading a musical score. The faithful gathered in church are invited to:

With the cithern (a corded instrument) and the organ (and a wind instrument - thus, with all music) PRAISE GOD.

Below, at the sides of the entrance there are two statues:
On the right, St. Andrea of Avellino (1521-1608), Teatine father dedicated to catechism for the young and orphan children, master of novices and law graduate. A friend of St. Carlo Borromeo, he became superior of the Order and reformed the clergy. He died of a heart attack while celebrating mass. 
On the left, St. Gaetano, on the express wish of Guarino Guarini (the dedicated altar is posthumous).