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Chapel of St. Gaetano of Thiene

This Chapel is the second on the right of the entrance.

Designed by Benedetto Alfieri and built by Bernero in the mid-18th century is similar to the one in the chapel of the Annunciation (facing), while the statue of St. Gaetano is by an unknown artist.

St. Gaetano is the founder of the Teatine fathers, preachers dedicated to scientific and religious teaching. The order was invited to Turin in 1621 by Charles Emmanuel. Guarino Guarini was a Teatine priest.

An opulent chapel: the marbles (green from Serravezza-Massa Carrara, red from France, white from Frabosa Cuneo) and the geometrical inlays that differ in colour and form from altar to altar make the chapel, and the whole church, unique in its Baroque splendour.

St. Gaetano is the Saint of Providence: every day many of the faithful stop to pray.
It is right and proper for a Christian to hope for, and believe in, the providence of God, but… above the chapel there is the admonition:
“QUERITE PRIMUM REGNUM DEI”first look for the kingdom of God.

Above on the left, an angel bears a large book: the Bible.

Above on the right, another angel shows the path to follow, the word of God.

Descending from the niche (which is not actually a niche! Seen from the side it is flat. An optical illusion seen from the front), there are two angels:

one on the left, with the cross;
one on the right with a beating heart and an amphora.

Faith, hope and charity: the theological virtues. 

St. Anthony of Padua (left) believed in Providence when he left Lisbon, where he was born, for North Africa to spread the Word of the Lord, even though his brethren had returned in coffins, martyred by the Muslims. 
St. Rosa of Lima (right), the first Latin American saint. She lived at the beginning of the 16th century and worked for young married couples wth problems.
500 years later, her intervention is still needed!