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Chapel of the Annunciation

This Chapel is the second on the left from the entrance.

Designed by Guarino Guarini in 1682.
The beauty of the chapel with its polychrome marbles, the cupola bathed in light, and the whole church, makes our hearts sing with joy and thanks, like the Madonna:

"my soul glorifies the Lord and my heart rejoices in God, my redeemer….”

The marble group with the Virgin and the angel Gabriel is by Giuseppe Maria Carlone, while the altar table is of a later date and was finished in 1794.

On the table there is an icon of the Madonna of Czestochova, a gift from Pope John Paul II to Poles resident in Piedmont, whose chaplain is rector of this church. 

Above, festive angels sing AVE GRATIA PLENA, as can be see over the chapel.

On the right, another angel holds a crescent moon (it was believed that women got pregnant only in this phase of the moon) in a strong emphasis of the double nature of Jesus: true God and true man, subject to human laws!... 

The concept is confirmed in the altar-piece of the Nativity where at the top right there is a waning moon, the opposite phase nine months later.

The statues at the sides of the chapel help us to reflect on the holiness of the event through precise testimony: 

- on the left, St. Maurice, the Roman soldier martyred in Savoy in 286, protector of the House of Savoy; 

- on the right, St. Agnes (III cent.), the humble servant of God who, aged 12, sacrificed herself to protect her virginity and was beheaded.