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Chapel of our Lady of Sorrows

The chapel extends longitudinally from the entrance of the church from the square. The ducal chapel dates from the 12th century and was first dedicated to the Madonna of the Snows, then to Saint Mary of the Crib and, after the battle, to St. Lawrence while waiting for the construction of the present church. 

Two important dates:
1572 – foundation and instalment of the knights of the Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus. Their Grand Master was Emmanuel Philibert and the Order has played an important role in the history of Savoy.
1578 – first exposition of the Holy Shroud. 

To the left of the altar, the gilt royal box from where the dukes attended the religious functions. To commemorate the Shroud, and by concession of the Holy See, in the 18th century Bernardo Vittone built the twelve-step holy staircase in front of the altar which must be climbed on one’s knees. 

In 1846 Alfonso Dupuy restored the chapel to its present state; over the lovely altar designed by Bernardo Vittone there is an excellent group sculpted in wood (Dead Christ at the feet of the Madonna) by Tamone (1870).