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Chapel of the Crucifix

The Chapel is the first on the right of the entrance.

It  was designed by Guarino Guarini (1676) and the altar-piece is by the Jesuit Andrea Pozzo (1645-1709).

The altar painting shows CHRIST CRUCIFIED (n.b. the marks of the nail holes are on the wrist as in the Holy Shroud to which the artist referred) with the Virgin, Mary Magdalene and St. John at the foot of the cross.

The small lower altar-piece shows the Holy Shroud borne by angels in commemoration of its presence in the chapel of the ducal palace since 1578. Shroud and Savoy form an inseperable pairing.

The piety of all the dukes and the declared importance of the presence of the Holy Sheet in Turin permeate the history of the Sabaudian Court.

Veronica among angels is depicted in the gable, in a piece by Francesco Marsaglia (1784). The picture was hung nearly a century after the artist’s death.

THE PLACE OF FAITH: the Christian believes in Jesus Christ, true God, true man, who died (the cross) and rose again (the Shroud, symbol of resurrection).

A faith underlined by the two lateral statues and the biblical references underneath.

On the right, the guardian angel going to a child in search of protection.
“Ero custos tuus”, I will keep thee (Genesis 28).

On the left, the archangel St. Michael defender of the faith as described in the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse (Revelations).
“Protegam destera mea”, my right hand will protect you (Exodus 33), in which God sends Moses an angel after Sinai as a guide to the promised land.

At the top left of the chapel, above the painting, another angel bears a crown of thorns in its right hand.

Above the altar-piece are the words “VENI ET VIDE”, the reply to John’s question “Where dwellest thou, Master (Rabbi)”?

Firm and authorative: Come and see... take up thy cross... have faith... and us?